Which theme for a review site?

I have just joined your membership site and looking forward to being part of it!

I am starting a review site and prior to signing up for membership I had been looking at the https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/buddypress-blogsmu-theme/

I had a review site before which was a site with a lot of functionality, I will potentially be looking to have a data feed, eBay feed, quite a comprehensive navigation with subcategories etc. Also potentially AdSense, ads down the left and right hand side of the page, Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn buttons, etc.

Also a page where manufacturers etc could sign in and have their own product page, forum and more!

After looking at your various themes, this one probably looked the best, I am sure you have much more knowledge on the subject of your themes, any help is appreciated, thanking you and kindest regards.

Roy Bretton