Which WPMU Dev Plugin is the equivalent to the FRONTIER POST one?

Hi there,

as I have best experiences with WPMU Dev and its plugins (because they work seamless, hazzle free with other always) now I am wondering, which WPMU plugin is available as equivalent to the the FRONTIER POST one, which includes the following feature:

WordPress Frontier Post Plugin enables simple full featured management of standard posts from frontend for all user roles. (Caution: Frontier Set Featured plugin does not work properly and causes quiet a few trouble operating together with other installed plugins).

Intention of the Frontier Post plugin is to enable front end posting and editing on your blog. Allowing your users to create content easy, with no need to go into the back-end. Editors and Administrators can use Frontier to edit posts from the frontend (Can be enabled/disabled in settings), and at the same time go to the backend for more advanced options.

Frontier Post is intentionally made simple - But it is highly configuable if you want to extend it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from you.
Thank you.