Which WPMUDEV plugin can do the following

Guess, as I am digging through all the plugins I am coming up with more questions so I thought I would just post them all in one place (hope that is ok)

My Framework

1. Wordpress 3.4.2
2. BuddyPress 1.6.1
3. Multisite with sub domains

Functionality Administration

1. BP Group Management 0.5.4
2. BP Group Hierarchy 1.3.4
3. BuddyPress Template Pack 1.2.1
4. Custom Admin Bar 1.3
5. Hide Admin Bar Search 1.0
6. Multisite Toolbar Additions 1.0
7. OptionTree 2.0.9
8. Quick Cache 111203
9. Wordpress Importer 0.6
10. WP Database Optimizer

Functionality Users

1. BP Profile Privacy 1.4.2
2. BP Show Friends 1.1.2
3. BuddyPress Introduce
4. BuddyPress MyMood 1.6.2
5. Simple Badges Version 0.1-alpha20120703

Ok here goes...

Site is running with base url that is the main site allowing users to register, access BP pages or for visitors to read about services and products before they join up on a subscription basis.

Sub sites e.g. let say a "recipe site" uses custom posts (e.g. post type ="recipe" in conjunction with normal blog posts and pages particular to that site.

I use Membership Premium to handle sign ups and free or paid subscription levels (paypal). Tried Wishlist member and S2member but ditched them due to too many native BP/multisite intergration issues

I just installed custompress and marketpress (after buying and trying Jigoshop).

Now, first question....

How well does Membership Premium and MarketPress intergrate? I dont wan't to duplicate check out systems and carts. I would think that MPremium is great for subscription and access control levels based on membership levels and love the way it has been doing this silently and efficiently... but what happens now when i also want any one of my sub sites to sell products as well? Which one should i use for subscriptions now, and are user shipping and meta data "shared" or is there no way that this is going to happen?

That is one of my main problems currently.

Second issue... A dream an absolute absolute dream would be to have ONE USER table that is totally multisite wide. If a user signs up to our network, and based on his subscription level he has access to every site and post in the base site and all sub sites ( his subscription level determines "how much" access he has and to what content (content is SL based). Now it seems to work but am I on the right path with Membership Premium with this? I also do not want to set up all entire MPremium levels and Access levels for EVERY SITE... why can there not be a "UPDATE ALL NETWORK SITES WITH THESE LEVELS" option for Membership Premium?

And lastly .... phew (and my apologies)... which widget/plugin can i use to pull all tags and posts (or pages) from ANY of the sub sites to one widget? Yes i know there are a few listed, believe me i tried i think safely to say all of them, NONE allow for a sub site or blog that has CUSTOM posts (as with the recipe site mentioned earlier)...

I love the work u guys have done and are doing... I have committed my project to be founded on WP/BP and your plugins, hence my subscription, and if I have to pay folks to dev extra functionality I must, as I have committed too far down this dev path allready.

Best Regards - Greg