White label branding multi-site


I am working on using all of the WPMU plugins for customizing the admin sections. I found another plugin which does some of the same things, but also more. Does anyone know if this plugin will complement the existing WPMU plugins for this purpose? See: http://codecanyon.net/item/white-label-branding-for-wordpress-multisite/162193

For example, will existing WPMU plugins allow me to replace the standard “W” logo in the header? What about some of the other things listed below?

List of features


Replace the standard “W” logo in the header (use any size you want)

Set the height of the top bar in wp-admin

Replace the “Thank you for creating with WordPress | Documentation | Feedback“

Hide the version no. in the footer (right side)

Add a Developer logo in the footer (left side)

Add Developer name and URL

Replace the standard WordPress login logo (use any size log you want)

The login logo no longer links to wordpress.org and doesn’t show “Powered by WordPress” as ALT text

Login Screen Customization

Add Custom Background to the login screen

Add Custom HTML template and CSS to login screen


Add Public Dashboard Metabox viewable by all users; Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor and Administrator

Add Private Dashboard Metabox only viewable by Editors

Add Dashboard Metabox only viewable by Administrators on sub-sites

Use HTML in the custom dashboard panel

Hide the “Right Now” panel

Hide the default dashboard panels one by one

Menus & Sub-menus

Hide menus (Dynamic generated list that shows all the menus depending on which plugins you have installed).

Make the appearance menu visible for the users with the role Editor.

Hide sub-menus (Dynamic generated list that shows all the menus depending on which plugins you have installed).

Customize the menu for the user role Administrator on sub-sites.

Additional Settings

Enable WLB Custom Dashboard tool (This tool lets you add custom Dashboard Metaboxes)

Hide the update nag message

Hide the update download link

Hide contextual help

Hide Favorite Actions drop-down

Hide Screen Options

Multisite Settings

Three different options for branding settings on sub-sites

Allow sub-site branding

Enable Custom Admin Dashboard Panel

Save settings as a global template for all sub-sites

Create Administrator Dashboard Panel

Admin Bar

Hide Admin Bar

Hide Admin Bar Settings on Profile

Hide Individual Admin Bar Items

Role and Capability Manager

Set Capabilities for Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber

Create new user Roles

Create new Capabilities

Custom Dashboard Metabox Tool

Create unlimited number of Custom Dashboard Metaboxes

Support for Shortcodes in Metaboxes (Requires Styles with Shortcodes)

If you have Pages by User Role you can control which users Roles that can see the individual Metaboxes you create.