White label Footer Text is not working for Hummingbird

I have a multisite network set up, there are 2 sites on it, the default one and an extra one I made. There are also 2 user accounts, myself as the super admin and another site admin account.

I am using the WPMU Dev dashboard plugin, and within that there is the option to whitelabel the WPMU Dev plugins. I have enabled this option and opted to replace the text in the footer. However, it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

For myself, everything is appearing just fine. All the WPMU Dev plugins have had the text “Made by WPMU Dev” replaced with “Mycustomtext”.

However, when I log in as a site admin, the text at the footer of the hummingbird plugin still reads “Made with WPMU Dev”

If I check the ‘smush’ plugin as the site admin, everything is working correctly and the text has been replaced with “Mycustomtext”., it just seems to be the Hummingbird plugin