White on white text when using Gallery theme and Members plugin

Not sure if this is a theme or plugin style problem.

On my registration page I have some text which is taken from the Subscription Plan Description.

If I use the Lightroom preset style in Gallery it looks fine, if I use Darkroom it is unreadable.

Is there somewhere in Members that I can style the text via the admin panel or is there something I can do in the Gallery CSS to fix it?


  • Tom Eagles
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    @Ian - Blink Colony

    Hiya, to check which files to edit is quite easy, my preferred tool of choice is google chrome.

    Right click the part of the page you wish to edit and select view element. You will see two panes open at the bottom of the screen, on the left the generated html on the right the css rules and also the line number of that code and the relevant css file name.

    You can test edits by modifying the rules there, when happy download the relevant css file from the site, make a backup, ftp the edit back to the site refresh the page and check all is ok.

    Takes moments and is awsome, another option is to use say the firebug plugin for firefox, i just prefer chrome's layout and ease of use.Others use dreamweaver by adobe to do the same thing but this requires a test server to be installed on your pc to test on before uploading changes etc.

    Hope this Helps



  • Ian - Blink Colony
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    I found a few minutes to have a play with the CSS.

    Using the darkroom CSS it sets the color to #eeeeee and the background to #222222

    As it stands, the text in the member sign up box can't be seen so I change it to color #000 but then the "Select a subscription" header isn't right.

    As a workaround I edited my child theme CSS so the div.pricebox background color is #222

    As there are multiple CSS files involved, I had to add !important so it would override the theme style sheets.

    It looks fine in Chrome but Internet Explorer ignores the !important tag.

    I think the Gallery theme built in style sheets need a little work, or have each of the elements as parameters on the dashboard.


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