white screen after activating plugin

I had wp smush installed (free version) but had not used it. I got wp smush pro and installed as per instructions. as soon as it was installed I got a blank white screen. I deleted the free version of wp smush (via ftp), and the site returned, to my great relief. I am now bulk smushing and so far it has spent about 15 minutes and the progress bar says it is still on the first image. Is that right? I do not want to do the "turning off and on all plugins" thing if at all possible it takes an age, inconveniences everyone including clients, and sometimes preferences etc are lost.The site does use a lot of (reputable) plugins, as most do these days, and up until now has worked fine. Please could you tell me if the white screen was to be expected, if the long time it is taking to smush sounds right, and if there is a list anywhere of plugins that it conflicts with. Thanks!

PS I should add my internet connection can be a bit flaky - would this have any effect?

  • Jude

    Hey there wave

    Hope you are doing great !!

    1) The white screen is because you had 2 versions of the plugin installed. Some of the functions of the free version are common to the pro version as well that could have caused this

    2) Check if your site is able to make http calls to our smush servers and turn off atleast the cache plugins and try again. It usually should not take this much time. Try deactivating the plugin and activating again and smushing

    3) There is no list of plugins it conflicts with out of the box. It usually plays well with most plugins out there, turn off any plugins affecting media functionality and check if your server can talk to ours.

    Hope that helps


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