White-Screen after creating new blog when logged-in & Remove Email Verify active

When a user is logged-in and creates a new blog using Pro Sites with Remove Email Verification activated the user gets a semi-white screen. By semi-white screen, I mean it’s a white screen but only the WP Admin bar loads (without CSS). Despite the white screen after creating the site, the site is created just fine.

When Remove Email Verification is deactivated, the process works as it should and there is no white screen.

When the user is not logged in (i.e. does not already have an account) the process also works fine.

So to get the error, the user 1) must already have an account and be logged in and 2) Remove Email Verification must be network activated.

Related plugins that are used:

Pro Sites

New Blog Templates


Comment Spam Pack

Domain Mapping

Signup TOS

Set Password on Signup

Ultimate Branding

I have tried with the default theme (TwentyTen) and have the same results. I have also tested with and without caching. I’ve tested all plugins and Remove Email Verification is the plugin causing the issue.

Can anyone else reproduce this?