White screen on my Android — Did I knock out the tables?

I have BuddyMobile Pro and it was working just fine a couple of days ago — the last time I used it. Today I was going to add some code to the profile background image plugin to drop the background image for mobile. That produced a white screen on my phone. So, I proceeded to put that file back to normal. I then added some code to my BP-Custom.php file to see if that would work. That way an update would not knock out my tweak.

Well, I’m still getting the white screen on my phone. The code snippets today came from the developer of BuddyMobile.

I’ve deactivated several plugins, at least the ones that are easy to configure again, but I have left the tougher ones in place. Besides, they were installed before the mobile app.

On a different sub-directory, for a test, I installed WP with BP 1.6.5 — like my Gumpolen site — and BuddyMobile Pro works fine there.

What I did different this week is use the Spring Clean plugin. When I did this, I did have BuddyMobile deactivated, come to think of it. Shouldn’t a new install put those tables back in the database? Does the WP installer think these tables are still there and it’s failing to place them in the database again?

Both my Android browser and webkit UC Browser display a white screen. When I disable the plugin, I can view the native site without a problem. We have two phones, so I know the problem is real.

Any help is most appreciated.