White text appear on published pages

I've been dealing with an ongoing issue of white on white text on my site. At first after the last update, their was a conflict with the 3rd party theme that caused the visual editor to disappear and text to appear on white, when editing. After some back and forth with the theme people, the told me to update the theme plugins, which had to be done via FTP. Once that was done, the visual editor was fixed.

But now, I'm noticing that when I type text in visual editor, it looks fine, but it publishes white. I can edit the color and publish and it appears correctly.

When I paste text, it works fine. But nothing works with bullets or numbered bullets - they always appear white.

And on this page - this went wonky after the plugin update - http://www.retailenvironments.org/events/

I'm at a loss how to find the error somewhere in the code. I keep getting tips to add edits to the CSS file, but they just seem like band aids that alter all text, including text that's supposed to be white (like in the footer).

I've given permission to access the site - can you create a dummy page so you can see this issue yourselves. Thanks!