White text on home page and other random areas.

Hey guys,

Clearly I am having some sort of a theme issue. Unfortunately I did not follow best practices and use a child theme when I first built the site so I am using a custom CSS plugin to make changes and things of that nature. I have never made any changes to my theme files and the only custom thing I have done to my site is a few defines in the config (for the m2pro plugin) and a MU plugin (for the m2pro plugin as well). I commended out and rename both of these to ensure they were not causing an issue.

At this point I am pretty sure its a theme issue but the new version of the theme seems to break even more functionality on my site and still doesn't even resolve my original issue of the white text.

Here is what I sent to the theme developer a week ago:

I am getting a few issues in regards to styling not showing up properly. Here is an example on my home page (page url - http://projectroto.com/ )


I just simply added a title and it seems to be showing up white. I did a plugin conflict test and deactivated all the plugins and the issue is still persistent. Checked the setting where I can add CSS in the themes options and deleted the one setting I had but it did not make a difference either.

Here is an example as well on the pricing page where the colors should be the "standard accent color" (which is blue) but they are showing up as orange for these two tables. (page url - http://projectroto.com/premium/)


I do want to mention that I updated to the latest version of the theme in my staging/dev environment and it seemed to be having a very similar issue. This time with the font color of the preview text in the posts - (page url - http://projectroto.com/ )


I want to point out that this happens in some very random places as well. Like I jsut discovered that when using visual composer and using a "text" box the text shows up as white on the home page BUT not on another page where that same post is being displayed.

example of post with white text on home page.

example of the same post but on a different page and all is working well.

I also noticed if I remove

body p {
color: #333;

from the custom CSS plugin (setting for this are under appearance) it makes ALL of the text white in the posts.

So so so sorry for the lengthy ticket, but i am once again at a loss here. I have enabled support access for the projectroto.com site. Thank you SOOO much for any help you can provide on this. The themes dev is not being very helpful at all.