whmcs and membership integration

I am trying to figure out the best (and easiest) way to accomplish this. I will write out what I would like to do - but open to alternative methods:

single site - not MU

2 types (not levels) of members (in addition to free)

2-4 membership levels within each member type

secure support area directly connected with wp account

I have whmcs and if the integration plugin works as a single sign up/on for both whmcs and wp, then that will solve a lot of issues

I need to be able to make certain pages restricted to the user type and level

basically type A level 2 will be able to access Y, but type B won't be able to.

I am hoping the whmcs integration plugin and wpmu membership plugin will accomplish this, but not sure

any suggestions?

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    I'm not really experienced with WHMCS as a whole, but with WHMCS Integration & Membership plugin, you should be able to do exactly what you are asking.

    the membership plugin is geared towards membership levels and access control. so that will allow you to have different membership plans with each plan having more access to content you define. or you can drip feed content over a period of time.

    hope this helps.


  • Kelly

    Thanks - I've been trying to set up the membership plugin and can't figure out how to set up what I want. I can set up several different "levels", but can't figure out any way to create different subscriptions or upgrades to the different levels.

    Also, in regard to the whmcs integration plugin it doesn't seem to allow for single sign on or tie the wp account with the whmcs account. I didn't fully set up whmcs yet since I'm not sure it will work with this and since it's a fairly involved set up I'm trying to figure out if I can do what I want before I set it up. I keep reading the info on the whmcs integration plugin, but still can't quite figure out exactly what it does other than have a shortcode allowing you to sign into your whmcs account from your wp accout page...or something like that

    Right now it doesn't look like either plugin will work for me :slight_frown:

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