Whmcs and Multisite and Cpanel

Whmcs and using multisite and the provision and integration plugins for whmcs. In the 1st year or so I will be making all the orders thru whmcs with the customer in front of me. Can or will I be able to chose whether I want certain clients to order and use the wp multisite creation route and or create a Cpanel in WHM?

What I am trying to do is, I am selling seo/online listing management with a templated site or a custom site. The templated sites are all the same look with the standard business information and a domain to be used with wp multisite. The custom sites can be there own Cpanel and there own WordPress install.

I believe I have everything installed in all directions, if this can all be done, I may need help with settings. Whmcs is on its own subdomain. WordPress is installed as a root of the domain. Plugins are all installed in whmcs and WordPress.

Your support is appreciated.