whmcs + domain mapping with custom field

I have setup Multisite. The site is like this:

Then I installed WHMCS Provisioning + Domain Mapping. I have configured but faces issue. If I configure in the product in WHMCS and i put there custom title and custom domain, i can configure it properly. But when i go to the client multisite, the domain mapping setting appear just to be "http:///".

I want the customer to be able to choose their own "user1" name so that it will be yippie.my/user1. then I want to use domain mapping to map it to "user1.com". If I leave default blog domain empty, during signup it will show error. If i put there some value, then the customer will not able to choose their own "yippie.my/user1". Instead it will be like general "general1" and it will go on increment number to make it unique.

So how to i let the user to choose their own "yippie.my/user1" and then allow them to domain map to their own domain. the "user1.com" nameserver have been pointed to the ns1 and ns2 yippie.my server. the A name is correctly pointing to the IP of yippie.my. im not sure about the CName how to configure it.

  • Arnold

    In the readme.txt with the plugin the instructions for domain mapping are below. Note is says NOT to use custom field names.
    Domain Mapping requires that the domain sent not be able to change. It doesn't add numbers to a domain name that is probably already registered or being registered. If I'm domain mapping and give a domain like thissite.com the adding to a number to it wouldn't woprk because that's not the registered domain.

    == If your Wordpress Install Offers Domain Mapping as well as subdomain/subdirectory installs ==
    Create a Product =
    1. Create a Product Group to Hold the new products
    2. In WHMCS admin go to Setup | Product/Services and Add New Product
    3. Create a Product and Set the Product Type to Hosting Account.
    4. Set the Product Group to the one created above.
    5. Give the Product a meaningful name
    6. On the Details Tab TICK Require domain. Other fields as you prefer
    7. On the Modules Settings Tab Select whmcs_multisite as the Module name
    8. Select the Server Group defined above.
    9. Set a default blog title. This can be edited by the user in Wordpress after blog is created ("My New Blog").
    10. Set a default Blog Domain. If you're not using Custom fields(see below) this is the default domain name that will be used with numbers appended.
    11. UNTICK the two custom field names.
    12. Set the default role of the User that may be created for this product. Usually "administrator".
    13. Set the Web Space Quota or leave blank for Wordpress default value.
    14. Set the Radio buttons for when the product setup will occur.
    15. Do not create custom fields.
    16. If you want to offer subdomain/subdirectory installs as well as Domain Mapping =
    17. On the Other Tab fill in the Subdomains Option with your sites primary domain ('.mysite.com") Note the leading dot.
    18. Rest of the Product fields are Admin's choice.

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