WHMCS Integration -

// Edit: Seems I found the solution: Google Mod Pagespeed on the vhost on which WHMCS is residing which somehow interfered with Javascript / JQuery, probably firing the script too early. Now everything works. //

Hi Team

I am stuck with the WHMCS Integration plugin. Everything works fine except one error which I met at the end of my integration work.

It is this error: DataTables warning: table id=tableDomainsList - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/3

I updated to the latest version, tried updating JQuery and using Google JQuery, emptied my cache, switched WHMCS themes, but it does not help.The error still persists. When accessing the client area through WHMCS directly, there are no errors. WHMCS is up to date, latest version 6.3.1.

WHMCS is installed on a subdomain on the same vhost. Everything else is working.

I searched forums and googled intensively but was not able to find a solution.

Kind regards,