WHMCS Integration: 404--Not Found

I have a new problem, when I try to submit a support ticket on my site I get this error "WHMCS Integration: 404—Not Found" at the top of the page in a red bar. Here is a video of the error I'm getting in action http://screencast.com/t/ct5ETPidP2

After I get the error I checked to see if the ticket was submitted successfully and it was, but the email sent out by the system for the clients ticket contained a link back to the WHMCS installations support desk and not to the site it's self.

I also noticed that when I try to set the WHMCS SSL System URL in the WHMCS instillation the URL gets deleted. Here is another quick video of that error http://screencast.com/t/PVvQUHp0

Thank you for your time and help.