WHMCS Integration: couldn't connect to host


I've installed WHMCS at "http://www.bexleywebservices.co.uk/whmcs" and input "http://www.bexleywebservices.co.uk/whmcs/" as the Remote WHMCS installation.

However, I keep getting "WHMCS Integration: couldn't connect to host" in any Wordpress page attempting to display data from WHMCS.

An example of what I mean can be seen at: "http://www.bexleywebservices.co.uk/about-us/". Instead of the error, it should be displaying the WHMCS menu.

I'm not sure if the URL encoder is used for this, and I can't find a great deal of documentation about it.

If you could provide some of your top-class support that I've heard so much good stuff about, that'd be great.