WHMCS Integration Plugin Nightmares!!!

Ok – I know everyone starts off with my plugin isn’t working – well it does work, I know mine isn’t configured correctly so ANY help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

I had to trash another whmcs plugin that I tried using because I couldn’t get certain things to work. I’m new to WPMUDev.org AND this is my first site with WP – ever. I tried creating a responsive theme however, during the construction process, it got to be too much and at this point, I really need to get my content online.

The theme I am using is a whmcsthemes.com (php/html) theme. However, the WHMCS I have (installed and operating live at http://members.mypchost.com/) *IS* using the default portal theme. Of course, when its all said and done, I want completely the same theme across the board with this – whmcs through wordpress totally. Currently I have and use NO sidebars because THIS is the MOST important part of this entire operation for me… I need to get it working first!

Within the WHMCS settings I have set the “Domain: http://mypchost.com” for the main site and the WHMCS URL: http://members.mypchost.com/

At this point I’m not using SSL – so no worries or complications there to deal with.

Now – in the WP setup for the WHMCS Integration plugin, I have set the following. Remote WHMCS Host: http://members.mypchost.com/ (identical to the above). Default page = Home. Endpoint: “active”

No problems thus far. The only links on this page right now, which are loading from the WHMCS install are: Portal Home, Client Area and Request a Password Reset.

The links show as redirecting to below:

Portal Home = http://mypchost.com/active/index.php/?

Client Area = http://mypchost.com/active/clientarea.php/?

Request a Password Reset = http://mypchost.com/active/pwreset.php/?

No matter what link I select from above, EVERY one of these links takes me back to my “Home” page as set in the WHMCS Integration plugin at the root domain of http://mypchost.com

Now — here’s the thing, I have attempted many different ways all with the same result. Simply put… the only page that has anything on it right now is the “Domains” page which has the “[wcp_content]” shortcode on it and nothing else. I get to that page while I am NOT logged in, and I get prompted to login, just as expected. I log in successfully and I’m presented with the clientarea.php page (http://members.mypchost.com/clientarea.php) which is identical to the standalone WHMCS site page.

So I log in using my credentials and I am successfully logged in and directed to: http://mypchost.com/domains/ (which is the created page within WHMCS named “Domains”:wink:

I’m thinking ok – great – working. Now I have 3 links here as well.

The links show as redirecting to below:

Portal Home = http://mypchost.com/active/index.php/?

Client Area = http://mypchost.com/active/clientarea.php/?

Submit Ticket = http://mypchost.com/active/submitticket.php/?

So I figure, I’ll click the Submit Ticket link – oooops!!! No go – It takes me back HOME again. to the same thing as the previous links.

Ok – so now I’m logged in – I try to log out, but I have to do so MANUALLY by typing in the url in the address bar: http://mypchost.com/active/logout.php/? — guess what – THAT worked!! Just like logging in – so there’s a breakdown somewhere in between and I’ve had enough of it lol

So this is step ONE of the issue. What is going ON with these links!!??? Why aren’t they working? What have I not set or overlooked? Is it “broke” or is it me!?

I also have several questions regarding this integration plugin too. I can find absolutely no literature on it whatsoever and its very frustrating because it LOOKS so simple, but there are too many issues with it NOT working for someone whom is a novice with WP to attempt to fix alone.

Other questions:

1. When and WHAT is the “Encode URL” for? To encode a url and then put it in a “Link” part of a menu?

2. How do you get different pages from WHMCS to actually display within the framework of WP? The shortcodes are limited to only a few things – is this where the Encode URL comes into play?

3. Does this work on a subdomain as compared to a folder? Is this my problem?

4. I try to use the Encode URL to create a link that WILL work. So I paste the URL to encode as: http://members.mypchost.com/cart.php (which is a WORKING link as a standalone) and click the button to encode. It presents this output: http://mypchost.com/active/cart.php/? (which does NOT work)

5. What the heck is SUPPOSED to go into the “URL to encode:” box???

Man – if I had any hair left – I’d have ripped it out by now – this plugin which APPEARS to be a snap, is a PAIN in the you know what!

Ahhhhhhhhhh HELP!!!!!

Thanks :wink: Matt

PS: I have a test account to the site ready for you to try and log in