WHMCS Integration Plugin Removal

OK, I tried the WHMCS Integration plugin and found it nearly useless due to the limitation of Portal theme only and that I never did get it to work properly with my Wildcard SSL.

Now I want it gone, completely gone. After trying to set it up and encoding URLs it's destroying my WHMCS installation and when I go to the Client Portal area of WHMCS it's redirecting me to the wordpress install.

How do I remove all this junk completely so my users can login and use WHMCS?

My wordpress is installed in the main /public_html/ directory, is multi-site and has other users. My WHMCS is installed on a subdomain https://secure.mywebsite.whatever

WHMCS is completely not working at all. Please assist. Thank you!

I chose the provisioning plugin because I've already uninstalled the WHMCS Integration plugin.