WHMCS links are redirecting to Wordpress posts page


I have recently purchased the WHMCS WP Integration plugin. My wordpress install is at:
and my WHMCS install is at:

I've setup the plugin and set the default content page to my home page.I've added the [wcp_content] shortcode to my hompage. See the attached screenshot for the plugin setup details.

Result: WHMCS Portal appears on my homepage.

The problem: When I click any link in the portal such as "Knowledgebase" or any other link, it seems to redirect to the posts page of the Wordpress site. I don't have any posts so the page says nothing found. Why is it redirecting to the posts page? What am I doing wrong?

I've searched the forum for the last 2 hours with no success. It's very frustrating and I would be very grateful if someone here could solve my problem!