WHMCS MU Provisioning having trouble installing plugin

I am trying to install and configure the plugin WHMCS MU Provisioning but seem to be getting nowhere fast. On the plugin page there is two installs available; automatic and manual via FTP.

I have installed the plugin via the automatic install and made the SUNRISE.php setting adjustment. I have come to the screenshot where it says “Inside the /whmcs-multisite-remote-provisioning/ folder there is another folder called /whmcs/ this needs to be uploaded to your WHMCS install (as you see in the image above):


There are files for both the addons and servers folder, like:




I seem to be having trouble locating the WHMCS installation in my Filezilla FTP.

I have activated the plugin and included my Server IP but am not sure what to do with the “Remote WHMCS Host: This is the URL of your WHMCS installation.??

Further, I don’t seem to have any widgets or modules available on the website and secondly when it came to the “Log into your WHMCS installation, and activate the addon first:” I could not locate where or how to Log into the WHMCS installation.

Also it asks me to create a page. If I was to simply call that page ‘Hosting’ would the WHMCS installation automatically populate that page?

Thanks to all in advance

P.S.I tried to include this in the Plugin Support, but the Plugin dropdown was not giving me a list of plugins to chose from so here it is in General.