WHMCS MU Provisioning versus Prosites

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I have a (perhaps dumb) question. What will this plugin do for my multisite install that the Prosites plugin won't do?

Can they work side by side? Or should I use one instead of the other?

Because I have WHMCS so integration sounds good. But Prosites can also handle orders from my website and asign them levels which also sounds good.

Your help is realy apreciated.


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    Technically they can work side by side, but I wouldn't at all recommend this as it could be quite confusing for your users.

    The biggest advantage to WHMCS provisioning is being able to add Wordpress blogs to your other products and handle everything from one billing system. If you're selling other hosting products or domains, or plan to, WHMCS is a great choice.

    Pro Sites on the other hand has the advantage of being integrated right into the dashboard for seamless experience. They can access their billing page without leaving the site.

    Both plugins serve a simple purpose of allowing you to sell Wordpress blogs in a Multisite network, but there are distinct advantages to each. Personally I think it's best to stick with Pro Sites unless you need WHMCS for other reasons as well.

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