Hi please could you assist with an issue I am having.

I have a multiuser site setup to automatically create provisioned websites via WHMCS.

However once the customer has ordered and I make their order active, it sets up the website, but the theme that gets installed ends up broken leaving the website to start with a blank page

(currently the only way to fix this is to go in and manually activate the default 2011 theme) which is something I am trying to avoid in getting it all automated. Any thing that could be causing this?

Thank you for your assistance.

ps. I have been literally blown away by the power of this new setup (serious lightbulb discovery!!)

Pps. on that note I would like to discuss with WMPUDEV about getting a full fitness software developed for use with our Fitness Website Network. Please advise how we would go about pursuing this :slight_smile: for example, for starters we are looking to offer a booking system to allow our clients to accept payments (paypal initially) for their classes online.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best, Liam