WHMCS Multisite Provisioning ???

In setting up a WPMU network I use the following plugins:

WPMU, BP, Networks +, and Domain Mapping (Providing by WPeBook)

In reading it appears as though WHCMS MultiSite Provisioning plugin comes with its own Domain Mapping and Multi-Domain plugin. My goal is to provide users with the ability to purchase blogs from either of the networks provided. In addition they have the ability to search for and register for domains. Normally I’d send them to my GoDaddy reseller account, have them to create a store, and purchase and manage their domains from there. It doesn’t appear as though this is necessary using this system. So do these plugins work in conjunction with the plugins listed above or do I just use the this naked WHCMS plugin? In addition do I need to use the Membership and ProSites plugins?

Any responses appreciated.