WHMCS not integrating... Getting really old with the same old issues..

Okay, so for the nth time WHMCS has disconnected from my site. This seems to happen once or twice a week. I have all this set up and I get nothing to work!!! This is super annoying. I have attached screenshots to show that my site is set up as per your instructions and it still doesn't work. Normally I just have to submit and submit and submit and submit the url and finally after an annoyingly few attempts it works. It's not being resolved now.

Why does this keep happening? I've lost sooo many clients because they're always calling me to ask why my site isn't letting them register domains, or set up new hosting... I need this fixed as soon as possible preferably before the wpmu dev membership expires.

It's funny how this is happening on the day before my wpmu dev is set to expire... What can be the cause of this? I can't stand to think of the fact that