WHMCS Plugin link to WHMCS disconnects or "times out" after inactivity

We have noticed that after a certain period of time when there is no traffic to the WHMCS page, the plugin and WHMCS connection is lost despite all settings being correct on the dashboard.

This is a big issue because if there are clients who wish to signup with their domain are presented with a "Sorry there doesn't seem to be a WHMCS install" page, that is terrible for user experience.

After several forced-refreshes the page comes up again, but we don't expect normal users or clients to do the same.

I have attached a file for your review.

Thank you,

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Andrew,

    Hope you're doing well today! Happy to help with this.

    I'm seeing that error right away when I try to access your WHMCS integration pages, refreshes don't seem to be bringing it up for me either.

    Can you deactivate all other plugins to ensure it's not a plugin conflict, then make sure that your WHMCS url settings are correct as seen in my screenshot. You want to make sure that all urls are the same http or https prefix.

    Can you grant support access so I can take a look at your settings there as well?

    You can grant support access via admin dashboard - WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.

    Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,

  • Andrew
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    The settings for both WHMCS and the WHMCS Integration plugin are correct. They are both HTTP and not HTTPS. I have refreshed the page and now the integration is working again, but we will need to wait a little longer for it to time-out again.

    In the mean time I have enabled the support plugin for your review.

    Thank you,

  • Andrew
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Tyler,

    The website is hosted under a standard cPanel + LAMP with no customization or modification. There should be no reason why this occurs.

    The issue seems to be persistent, as we cannot access the WHMCS page...

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO


    Is there any chance you could send in your WHMCS and FTP logins? Then we can investigate further. I can also get the developer involved here too. This is the first time I've heard of this happening intermittently like this.

    you can send this through our private contact form directly to me:

    Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me :slight_smile:

    Send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
    -WHMCS admin login
    -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
    -link back to this thread for reference
    -any other relevant urls

    **If you can keep support access open through the dashboard that would be helpful too, or you can send in WP admin credentials.

    Look forward to hearing back!


    PS. Your WHMCS installation remains up the whole time right? So your WHMCS installation is still accessible even when the integration on your WP site stops working.

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