WHMCS & Pro Sites


I would like to use Pro Sites because of all the features to control sites based on membership level.

However, I also need to use WHMCS Provisioning for integrating with WHMCS gateway.

Is there any suggestion on how I should approach achieving the best of what both plugins have to offer.

Kind Regards

  • Patrick

    Hiya @richard_morrison

    Just want to clear one thing up first: Pro Sites has nothing to do with user membership levels, and doesn't affect them at all. It is site-centric, not user-centric.

    What that means is that it enables you to offer packages of features for existing sub-sites, regardless of the user membership level (no matter how that is set up). The feature packages can be as simple or as involved as you like.

    WHMCS Provisioning enables you to sell hosting packages (bandwidth, storage, etc) for domains. You may want to consider also using our WHMCS Integration plugin to get all the WHMCS goodies right onto the front-end of your WordPress site.

    Once folks have purchased a hosting package from you for their domain (via WHMCS), you can upsell them on specific features they can add to any sites they create on their domain with Pro Sites.

    Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:

  • richard_morrison

    Hello @Patrick,

    Thanks for the reply / clarification.

    I see your point about using whmcs for setup, then upsell from pro sites, but in Pro Sites, there are gateways for handling payments. I want to use WHMCS payment gateway.

    By using the WHMCS Integration plugin, all of the client area functionality is brought into WordPress, but how do you suggest I trigger an upgrade / pro site level after a payment has been completed in whmcs.


  • Patrick

    Hi again @richard_morrison

    They are 2 completely different systems, that handle completely different requirements. The payment gateways in WHMCS cannot be used for ProSites.

    WHMCS operates at the domain level and has nothing to do with WordPress. ProSites enables you to make additional WordPress features available to your users.

    ...how do you suggest I trigger an upgrade / pro site level after a payment has been completed in whmcs.

    ProSites has a customizable signup message that lets your users know right off the bat that there are upgrades available. You can also offer a free trial period for whatever duration you define.

    It also has number of addon modules that you can use to prompt your users to upgrade. One of the most efficient ones is the Pay-to-Blog addon which disables the backend until paid; you can optionally set it to also disable the front-end too.