WHMCS Provisioning and Domain Mapping problem

I'm using WHMCS provisioning plugin and domain mapping. However there's a problem.

When a client starts a new service, and his/her domain name is elsewhere, they go through the process, order the MU hosting and choose transfer the domain.

It sets up the website with the domain already mapped. So while we're waiting on the transfer, we cannot access the dashboard of the site. I'd like all new sites accessed from the normal sub-domain without having to go into PHPmyadmin to change domain mapping in the table.

Basically all new websites need to be subdomain whether they are transferring the domain or not. Once the domain is transferred and the site is complete, then I'd like to map it to their domain. This way both myself and they can access the dashboard and start getting the site setup. Right now you go to access the dashboard and it kicks them to their domain hosted on another host.

What am I missing. Thank you!