WHMCS Provisioning – Blog Templates

Got everything all figured out and setup to use the WHMCS Provisioning plugin to automatically handle the billing and setup of sites, but one little last thing to deal with – blog templates.

The signup and payment process works great, but when a new site has been created in my test process, it just creates a vanilla WordPress install, even though I have created a blog template and set it to ‘default’.

Is there a way I can force all new websites to use that blog template to be created?

Already tried to use the Pro-Sites plugin, and there was just too much hacking and patching stuff together to make it work how I wanted, so moved to WHMCS, and it’s been a breeze with it, except for this last thing.

All I’m trying to do is be able to have a very quick and easy registration process, with only 1 paid site option (no free blogs, no upgrades).

Any ideas?