whmcs provisioning / domain mapping, where is the actual subsite content ?

Hi guys,

When provisioning a new site with whmcs (which seems operational), where is the actual new sub website content, where are all the sub sites located by default, i understand it would reside within the DB but what about the actual content images etc ??

i assumed there would be a directory under the main site that would contain something about the subsite eg:

primarysite/public_html/*core WPMU website*
primarysite/public_html/newsubsite1/*new user WP website*
primarysite/public_html/newsubsite2/ *etc*

i dont see anything like that at all, i am trying to figure out domain mapping just in case your wondering..

and so far i cant understand how whmcs can provision a sub site without some interaction with cPanel in regards to subdomains etc .. wouldnt that make life easier if the option was avaliable to provision a subdomain for each new website dns etc?

perhaps im missing something here, i just assumed that would be the case.

i appreciate your time and patience with my learning curve :wink:


  • Ash

    Hello @Cain

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Well, it's not about WHMCS but this is how a multisite works. For subsites, it doesn't create any files in the server. I mean if you won't see any subsite folder in your public_html folder. It's totally handled by the information in the database.

    Multisite is a collection of subsites, run by single wordpress installation. Collection of subsites are created by either you or registered users. When a new subsite is created, most of the tables are recreated in the database for that subsite. So, each subsite has its different tables. When you view a subsite, the site shows data from the tables assigned for that subsite.

    So, there is no extra files needed for a subsite. But when you upload images or media files or any other files, that stores in the server. For every subsites a new folder is created. You will see those folder in /wp-content/uploads/sites/ then 2, 3, 4, etc. Those folders are for each subsites. If a subsite ID is 8, then all files for that subsites will be stored into /wp-content/uploads/sites/8/ folders.

    As you want to use domain mapping, please note that, all the mapped domain will work on DNS of network domain.

    You didn't mention that you will be creator of your all subsites or regular users will create. If you are creator of all subsites and the domains as well, then it's easier to configure domain mapping. In the mapped domain panel you need to provide the nameserver of network site and in the cpanel of network site, add the mapped domain as a parked domain and point to network site.

    If you don't own the mapped domain, then you will need a dedicated IP, pointed to the network site. That means when you enter the IP in the browser, your network site should be loaded. Then the mapped domain owner need to create a DNS and point to the IP you provide.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


  • Cain

    Hi Ash,

    Very helpfull info, certainly helps clarify some of the lanscape points i have been trying to grasp.


    in order to have clients sign up and create sites (some with domains names of their own), it would be best to setup a dedicated IP in cPanel for my primary site account to build off. i can make this happen now, at the moment its a shared situation ..

    Hmm, ok time to reconfigure, brb lol

    thank you for your time Ash


  • Ash

    Hello Cain

    in order to have clients sign up and create sites (some with domains names of their own), it would be best to setup a dedicated IP in cPanel for my primary site account to build off. i can make this happen now, at the moment its a shared situation .

    Yes, you are right. Some hosting providers provides dedicated IP in a shared hosting, but make sure the IP is configured in such way so that it points to the network site. If your IP is, just enter in the browser address bar, hit enter and the primary site should be loaded :slight_smile:


  • Cain

    Just a quick update Ash if your wondering,

    I managed to sort out the static IP's, However something went astray last night with my WordPress install, and now I'm having issues creating standard pages, so until I resolve this (reinstall clean) all else is on hold. (I think I trashed it by moving plugin's around, but that's Ok)

    If anything, the whmcs provisioning seems to work ok, though I'm still unclear as to how a client is supposed to enter in a domain name without using the custom domain field, if they dont input something i get an error "no domain entered" (but allowing this eliminates the use of domain mapping apparently), once the order is started,(In my case I'd like the clients to buy a domain name and then use it or map it within the site network as a primary flow of sale so to speak, as a fall back doing the http://www.sitenetwork.com/somerandomsite/ would be the secondary, but it would also be less attractive to my type of clients.

    By default, my understanding of a successful provision the following should happen,

    1, A client account is created within whmcs & WPMU *so far so good*.
    2, A Domain record is created (either a DNS zone file in cPanel (if THEY USE/BUY a domain name), or A record within the PRIMARYNETWORK.com zone file (if they DONT use a domain name) *unsure on this one as to how the dns records are created by the plugin provisioning system*
    3, username / password for whmcs & WPMU are sent FROM WHMCS to the client so that they can login.

    btw, i know its easy to flick between sites from the super admin, but why do you let the client ONLY arrange the domain mapping and not the admin?
    it just seems to create more confusion for some people after they log in.

    anyhow food for thought, ill keep you posted as to how im going,


  • Ash

    Hello @cain

    I hope you are well today.

    domain mapping says invalid,
    when i go to open the mapped domain to alter the domain mapping as a client, i get a 404 page ;(

    Did you manage dedicated IP and point to your main site? What is your IP? And the DNS is set for the new domain?

    Would you please let me know the following:
    1. Main site domain
    2. Main site dedicated IP
    3. Mapped domain


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