WHMCS Provisioning Module compatible with Configurable Options?

I have ProSites, WHMCS Provisioning as well as several other of WPMUdev plugins installed. Everything is coming together so far with these useful tools. I have one question about the provisioning module and product set up.

I know that I can set up web space quotas with ProSites level and if I change the level in the WHMCS it will change the space quota in Wordpress. My goal is to create a smaller catalog of products with a few choices to configure each. I was hoping to control the web space quota in the WHMCS product by using configurable options.

I tired creating a configurable option radio button list named 'Web Space Quota' to match the field in the module settings (screen shot attached). It shows during the purchase process and inside the product details in the profile for the customer (screen shot attached) with the three radio button I set up but it has no affect on wordpress. I was also thinking of using this same method to allow them to customize the prolevel that comes with it.

Are configurable option compatible with the WHMCS provisioning module?