WHMCS Trailing Slash at end of Domain in WHMCS Product when using sub domains


When using sub domains with WHMCS MU Prov the domain is having a trailing slash added to the end of the domain in WHMCS. This cannot be changed in WHMCS.

This causes a problem because I want to use that field to provide information in emails automatically. In WHMCS email templates I can specify which fields to include into the email, and extract account and service information automatically. The problem is every time I reference domain it is also including the / (as you would expect since it is set in the product domain field). This becomes a problem when the email is specifying DNS settings to use such as the below:

e.g. sub.thedomain.com/ A Record xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

If I use a mapped domain, then this is not a problem. No trailing slash is added to the product domain in WHMCS.