WHMCS Version 6.1.1 themes not working - throws error

Your instructions still say to use "Portal" theme only. The only options given inside of my WHMCS account are themes named "Five" and "Six" and no "Portal." I've come to understand via google searched that "Portal is no longer in use but your plugin still says it needs it or it won't work. Then I discovered that "Six" is the only one that will display on my site but it's using Smarty logic with javascript functions and it just doesn't work.

Do you have a new template or know of a new template that will work?

Otherwise, why keep promoting this plugin if it's not up to date?

Out-of-date plugins seems to be an ongoing problem I have with WPMU Dev.

  • Jose

    Hello there @6x6Design,

    Hope you are doingr great.

    Our usage writer should be updating the instructions soon, sorry about that.

    WHMCS 6 actually still works with portal template, just that there are not adding further features or fixes to it.
    Also, it is not included in the default installation package.
    In order to use Portal template you need to download 5.3.14 version, grab the template from the template folder and drop it into your current install.
    Then, you will see Portal template available in the settings.

    Regarding Six template, could you please be more specific on what errors are you getting?
    It is working on my dev install and it is expected to work without issues.


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