WHMCS / Wishlist Member integration

I need an integration between Wishlist Member membership system and WHMCS. In other words I want to use WHMCS to handle subscriptions / recurring billing from my website powered by Wishlist Member.

Please ensure that the developers of your “WPMU provisioning” plugin see this request as it should be a piece-of-cake to code from what you have already, will be a great addition to your products, and I am willing to provide seed money for it (I need this done by December 1st or I will need to find somebody else to do it)



Manage recurring Wishlist Member memberships through WHMCS / Authorize.net CIM


There is currently no good way to manage Wishlist Member memberships with Authorize.net. Daniel Watrous has a plugin that uses Authorize.net ARB , see


However due to limitations of Authorize.net ARB callback function, there is no way to properly track expired credit cards or failed payments. By contrast, WHMCS uses Authorize.net CIM and there is no problem with that. We need only integrate the WHMCS paid / unpaid / expired credit card functions into Wishlist member tracking.

There is currently no adequate solution for processing authorize.net on hugely popular Wishlist membership system (unless its Infusionsoft which is $$$. You can use 1shoppingcart but there is no integration for failed payments)


* Make a new WHMCS module similar to your “WPMU provisioning”

* When customer orders a membership product inside WHMCS, it needs to call the provisioning module “create” function which needs to set the appropriate user permissions on Wishlist member user

* When payment fails, and subject to automation setting triggers, WHMCS will call the “suspension” or “termination” module. This needs to cancel the user membership.

I also need single-login (or user / password synchronization) between WP and WHMCS, I don’t know if you do this already or not.