WHMCS Wordpress Integration and SSL

Hi guys,
I've read the other recent posts around SSL issues with WP Integration plugin, but it didn't really solve my problem.

1. CSS isn't displaying properly when https is enforced:

On this page with https the "Support Portal" and "Portal Home" titles use a serif font:

When you change the url to use http it displays the CSS san serif font:

2. When I click on one of the Hosting Plan graphics on the home page (which have Product Group links from WHMCS) it doesn't open WHMCS on a page integrated into the theme:

Takes me to this:

I figured I'd share with you all my settings in case I've missed one -

Domain: https://www.fussfreehost.com/
WHMCS System URL: https://www.fussfreehost.com/client/

WHMCS SSL System URL is blank.

Template is Portal.

WHMCS WP Integration Plugin:

Remote WHMCS host: https://www.fussfreehost.com/client/
Default content page: Support Portal

URL to encode: http://www.fussfreehost.com/client/

Encoded URL: http://www.fussfreehost.com/support-portal/?whmcsportal%5Bpage%5D=whmcss%3A%2F%2Fwww.fussfreehost.com%2Fclient%2F

** I noticed the encoded URL doesn't start with https - is that an issue? I'm assuming it isn't since it translates to whmcss.

Any help you can give me guys is greatly appreciated!