WHMCS WP Integration Breadcrumbs issue

I am trying out the WHMCS WP Integration. It works fine with one odd exception. The first two links in the breadcrumb chains on each page of the integration link to the WHMCS site itself instead of the integration on my remote site. After that the links do what they are supposed to do.

Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Website Setup > Website Setup Questionnaire

Portal Home links to http://emicrobranding.com/clients/index.php

Portal Home should link to http://ihelpsalons.com/emb/?whmcsportal%5Bpage%5D=whmcss%3A%2F%2Femicrobranding.com%2Fclients%2Findex.php

Knowledgebase links to http://emicrobranding.com/clients/knowledgebase.php

Knowledgebase should link to http://ihelpsalons.com/emb/?whmcsportal%5Bpage%5D=whmcss%3A%2F%2Femicrobranding.com%2Fclients%2Fknowledgebase.php

Website Setup works just fine.
Links to http://ihelpsalons.com/emb/?whmcsportal%5Bpage%5D=whmcss%3A%2F%2Femicrobranding.com%2Fclients%2Fknowledgebase.php%3Faction%3Ddisplaycat%26catid%3D7

Website Setup Questionnaire is fine as well.
Links to http://ihelpsalons.com/emb/?whmcsportal%5Bpage%5D=whmcss%3A%2F%2Femicrobranding.com%2Fclients%2Fknowledgebase.php%3Faction%3Ddisplayarticle%26id%3D4

I don't want someone who is browsing through the integration at http://ihelpsalons.com to be kicked over to http://emicrobranding.com to the actual whmcs installation. How do I fix this or how do I disable these breadcrumbs. Everything else seems to be working just fine.