WHMCS WP Integration Customization

my site is http://www.morningmogul.com
it's a one page/landing page theme
I installed your WHMCS WP Integration plugin
So far I like it but I want to tweak it..
If you go to the bottom of the page I have the WHMCS content.. .right now as far as I have it set up I am happy with the content full width (bottom/footer of site) section....Right above the bottom I have a left column section
In this half width section I have the QUICK NAV & CLIENT LOGIN, how can I edit this so that the CLIENT LOGIN is less in height? meaning: the space/margins between the fields/rows of the client login are less....I want the word 'email' to align to the horizon of the line: 'portal home'
>>the 'email input field' to line up to the line: 'client area'
>>the word 'password to be on the same horizon as 'knowledge base'
>>the password field to be on the same horizon as 'submit ticket'
>>the remember me box and word 'remember me' to be on the same horizon together aligned with downloads
>>the login button to be on the same horizon as the word 'order'
if at all possible i dont want the search bar, drop down menu, and go.
I'm not planning on doing a knowledgebase but tickets are great.