whmcs wp integration -show products on the default content page

I followed almost all the support post regarding this plugin, and still i cannot figure it out.

How is possible to customize the content of my "default content page" if it is not possible to choose a whmcs template.

I understand it is possible to change the css, but what is the way to show, (for example) ,all the products at the default content page.

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello chen raz,

    I hope you are doing great today.

    I am very sorry for the delayed response with regards to this.

    Unfortunately, the plugin's short codes are designed to show the main content on the page including the main menu and the main content. The following are the shortcodes that you can use.

    [wcp_content] - Displays the primary content of a WHMCS page.
    [wcp_welcome] - Displays the current WHMCS user, my details and WHMCS logout link, If not logged in prompts for the user to login.
    [wcp_menu] - Displays the top menu from WHMCS. Note that you can style it with css as either a vertical or horizontal menu. In a sidebar it would default to vertical.
    [wcp_sidebar_widgets] - Displays the sidebar widgets associated to the current WHMCS page.

    The Products are accessed by click the "Go to Order Form" button. If you want those Products to be easily accessible, you can create and add a new menu item and set the link to the following:

    Replace '<default_content_page>' with the slug of the page you specified in the "Default Content Page: " setting in the plugin's settings.

    That is the best way to achieve that since the plugin does not have that option by default.

    Please note that the "WHMCS WP Integration" plugin has been RETIRED and is no longer supported. I only replied to this thread to help you but it is now beyond the scope of this support forum as the plugin is retired. You can get help from other public forums like Stack Overflow

    I hope you enjoy your day further. Please let us know if you need help with any of our products.


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