WHMCS WP Multisite Provisioning not working

Hey Team,

So I’ve got the WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin setup and working, but it seems to be spitting out an error when provisioning from WHMCS, even though it seems to create the website and the user as it should.

WHMCS Error:

Invalid data or no response: The receiving plugin may not be activated at: http://twghosting.com

I turned on Debuging and here is what I got




[0] =>
Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/app/current/wp-includes/class-wp.php on line 294

Notice: Undefined index: nickname in /var/app/current/wp-content/plugins/whmcs-multisite-provisioning/whmcs-mrp.php on line 379

Notice: wp_new_user_notification was called with an argument that is <strong>deprecated</strong> since version 4.3.1 with no alternative available. in /var/app/current/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3739

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /var/app/current/wp-content/plugins/whmcs-multisite-provisioning/whmcs-mrp.php on line 459
[1] => Array
[url] => http://twghosting.com/
[content_type] => text/html; charset=UTF-8
[http_code] => 200
[header_size] => 880
[request_size] => 958
[filetime] => -1
[ssl_verify_result] => 0
[redirect_count] => 0
[total_time] => 3.223142
[namelookup_time] => 0.060437
[connect_time] => 0.116835
[pretransfer_time] => 0.116884
[size_upload] => 708
[size_download] => 705
[speed_download] => 218
[speed_upload] => 219
[download_content_length] => 705
[upload_content_length] => 708
[starttransfer_time] => 3.223085
[redirect_time] => 0
[redirect_url] =>
[primary_ip] =>
[certinfo] => Array

[primary_port] => 80
[local_ip] =>
[local_port] => 34231

[2] =>

Just to be clear, It is provisioning both the subsite and the username properly, but WHMCS receives an error and so does not mark the service as “Provisioned”

It would appear it has something to do with file permissions on the server, I run a very tight multisite given that its running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk so it can’t really have write access to the server (as this would be overwritten when it cycles servers, and would not be mirrored across the redundant server infrastructure)

I also can’t work out what specifically its trying to do, so any help you can give would be helpful.