[WHMPress] Problems with plugin

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Rene Mubox 2 days ago


Don’t get the shortcodes for the WHMPress plugin on my page, only a error message in the page editor.

Thank you.


Fakhir Shahwar 2 days ago


This is because the web server is not serving this file. This is a PHP file used to generate JS code for the shortcode button dynamically. And the web server for some reason is not serving it. If you access the file directly, you will see a 403 forbidden error. If you access the same file, over my test install, it will serve a JS code. dev9.hostriplex.com/wp-content/plugins/whmpress/admin/js/shortcodes.js.php

This is beyond WordPress and is related to WebServer. Please consult your server admin about this.



Rene Mubox 2 days ago

This is the answer from Cloudways support:

We have enabled short open tag for you and would like to inform you that on server level there is no such restrictions So we suggest you to check the plugin and extension again.

Rene Mubox 2 days ago

I contacted Support WPMUDEV, so i will send this to you for a solution.

After the intervention from the support the shortcode button/links are now working on the page, but there should be a security problem, please take notice of the conversation below.

Okay, in shortcodes.js.php file there is this code;

if ( ! is_user_logged_in() ) {

header( ‘Status: 403 Forbidden’ );

header( ‘HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden’ );



so this code cause 403 error, somehow is_user_logged_in returns wrong information

I deleted that part of the code and it’s working now

Rene Mubox:

So it is a plugin problem?

Support: Oguz:

Yes, the problem coming from plugin files

If you want I can keep it like this but it will open access to that file for not logged in visitors. So best way is this should be fixed by plugin developer asap.

Rene Mubox:

Ok, i will give this info to the developer.

Support: Oguz:

Do you want me to keep your file like current status? Without user logged in protection?

Rene mubox:

Yes please, i will following this up myself now.

This is the answer just now from the developer:

Fakhir Shahwar

October 1, 2018 8:35 am

Ok, This is the check only the logged in users can access this file. Here WordPress is logged in > prntscr.com/l0qmo1 and here not logged it > prntscr.com/l0qn94

If you remove this condition this file serves for everyone.

But if you are logged in the server should serve this file. The issue is not with the code please check it again.



At this moment the plugin is not active

Can you help me please?

Thank you,