Who can create simple tutorial about membership plugin? I really need it.

Hi there wpmu team,

i am very very new member of wpmu. I loved this community. There so many useful things here but also so many things to learn. So i have one question or request. i dont know what to say exactly.

Dear brothers/sisters i want to use membership plugin effectively. i want to be expert on it. But i dont know how to set it. which page will be main page, how to do login logout buttons, even i do not know what to ask write now.i totaly need some help.

Is there anyone who can create quick tuturial for me. please. english is not my main language. i can not figure out everything. may be somebody can create demonstration and how to use video about membership plugin..

Another question, is there any way to use different gateway. because i want to work with clickbank. not actually clickbank. but as an example lets say clickbank. in this case gateway should be via clickbank. is there anyway to use different gateway..

Do i want so many things :slight_smile: please/ especially tutorial video..