Who gets emailed when a site's pro status is going to expire?

I'm just wondering who will receive the notifications about a website needing payment? Is it whoever's email is under Settings>General? Or everyone who's set as an admin on the site, or what?

I'd really like to keep my super-admin email as the main one under Settings>General so the site admin isn't bugged by silly updates like "so and so forgot their password", but I'd still like them to be notified by Pro Sites of the impending doom of their site, if they don't pay up. :slight_smile:

If it is the Settings>General one, I'd like to request an update to the plugin that allows us to set a different one, site by site, or something like that. Thanks!

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Tevya Washburn,

    By virtue of using PayPal of any flavor and Pro Sites it is done on a subscription basis and there is no need for a reminder simply because PayPal will handle the subscription and if the money is not there it will send them three reminders until their subscription is cancelled in which case their site is cancelled.

    Personally I have dozens of subscriptions myself that PayPal, just sends me a receipt when they charge me and that is all I get. Not a single one sends me a reminder, only PayPal if there is not enough money in my account to cover the payment.

    Basically, it is a mute point with PayPal subscriptions to send a reminder in my honest opinion and may actually cost you money and clients by doing so. the difference between done or do I want to continue.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • Tevya
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    Ah, I see what you're saying. So what if they cancel their PayPal subscription or something like that? Or what if I offer a free trial period. How are those handled? Wouldn't they then need to basically what I'm saying is that there's a "Payment Problem" email under Pro Sites>Settings. Who does that get sent to? Is it the Admin, the email under Settings>General, or the PayPal subscriber's email?

  • Sue
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    Hi Tevya

    All the emails for you to manage their subscriptions are handled through your PayPal account.

    For example, you'll get emails when they set up an automatic account profile, when you receive new subscription payments, when PayPal has been unable to access funds and when they cancel their subscription.

    Our PayPal email account is different from our Edublogs support email address so what we do is forward all emails from our PayPal email account to our support account.

    When they log into their account, if their subscription has expired, they will be taken to the checkout page to encourage them to subscribe. For free trials they'll also see a dashboard message notifying them of number of days left.

    The email notifications such as payment problems in Pro Sites > Settings in the network admin are sent to users who are subscribing using Credit cards (since they aren't notified by their PayPal account). These emails are sent to the blog admin email address in Settings > General.

    Hope this information helps?


    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

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