Who took over and cares for the bug fix?

Valued Support-Team,

seriously we won’t annoy anyone of you!

Please let us know shortly WHO of your appreciated colleagues took over the task fix our front page (13/06/2015 02:18 – Michelle Shull

Michael Bissett – Hoang Ngo – Jude or Sajid?

Sorry if we bother you but please try to understand our worries as we have to conduct on Monday afternoon such an important meeting with Sponsors (which can’t be postponed) and we are wondering can we present our prototype?

Perhaps that helps what we find out: installing m2PRO makes troubles with revolution slider and images placed in pages/posts BUT perhaps Ultimate Branding and WP SMUSH PRO could also be the trouble maker. We just de=activated both plugins as Ultimate Branding eliminates the favicon we are uploading or this is an issue from SMUSH…

We appreciate much if you could forward what we find out to the person in charge and answering our question soon. (Sorry not hearing from you leads us to huge concerns). .

Big, big thank you for your attention and understanding.