Who was the lucky one who got the directory set up in a few minutes as promised in the pre-sale prom

I installed the directory and my AVADA theme css should be controlling but your css theme is controlling. How do I get my AVADA theme css to control the look and feel of your Directory plugin?

I created an initial listing for a law firm and uploaded a featured image but will not resize as all other AVADA pages do mobile responsive. How can I get your Directory images to scale up and down depending upon the size of the visitor's device?

I uploaded the featured listing to my law firm listing but directly below the large featured image appears to be a small thumbnail rectangular shaped identical image. Is the small image required or can it be shut off so as to not make the listing look stupid with two conflicting images appearing one on top of the other?

I added a LISTING menu link in the top main menu on my AVADA theme but the click through lands me on the law firm listing. I would expect the LISTING button to land me on a website page containing a full list of all categories so that the visitor gets to choose whatever category they have in mind and not just land the visitor on a particular listing for a law firm. Can the LISTING link in the main navigation be set up to land the visitor on a CATEGORIES page so the visitor gets to shop what they are looking for?