Who's your favorite WP hosting provider (and why)?

Here’s an open-ended question if there ever was one. I’m on a dedicated box, but it has some issues. I’m thinking of moving to another provider.

Who do you use? What configuration do you have for what kind of traffic? What works for you and what doesn’t? Is it shared, virtual private, etc? How well is it working? How responsive is your vendor? Any nasty surprises?

So, you know, simple question. Have at it.

  • kyleb
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Im with dreamhost, and my opinion changes daily with them. thier price is right but customer service is poor. Configuration is easy but downtime is a problem.

    that said, a few months back our dedicated server was down for 12 hoursa and support was lacking at best. they credited me a free year of service for my trouble. Thats pretty amazing.

    I love media temple, use them for a client and havnt had a problem. avoid go daddy and hostmonster if your running anything that gets traffic.

    I’d like to hear peoples experiences with wordress networks on cloud servers.


  • midwestmedia
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I’m also with Dreamhost and have been their customer since November of 2000! Yep, I’m closing in on twelve years with one host which might be a record here. :wink:

    I’ve had some downtime issues occasionally and the odd support issue, but overall I’ve been very pleased. I’ve dabbled with other hosts while keeping my Dreamhost account and have largely been disappointed and raced back to Dreamhost.

    I’ve always found their support responsiveness to be good. I had one issue with one support person in the entire 12 years that I would consider to be substandard and have not noticed his name as a rep since then. It was also relatively easy to escalate my concerns to the higher-ups a few years back. I feel like they really listen to customers.

  • kyleb
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    yeah im right behind you (dreamhost memeber since 2002!) my issue with thier support is that if you need it right away, you dont have it! they have no number and now dont seem to have live chat. That said when they do get back to you they usually have the answer. I’m one of those if my sites down i want to call you 100 times until its fixed type of people.

    also if you are on thier irvine data center watch out, nothing but problems in the last few months with that!

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi there,

    Because I have multiple domains and hosts clients sites that require video streaming and a few other wierd and wonderful requirements i searched round for a good host with very reasonable pricing,

    I ended up with hostingmarketers.com. Support service second to none, no matter what time if the day and a great range of packages from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

    I would highly reccommend them. I am based in Europe and they have a server set up just to handle european clients.

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Goodday to all on this thread.

    Been away a few days and just found it. But, I figured I’d chime in with my comments.

    For years, I worked with 1and1. I didn’t stay with them because of their service, price, or anything else. At the time, I didn’t do this type of work professionally AND I wasn’t using WordPress. I just went with them because they gave me something like two years for free and I stayed about six or seven more years.

    But, the moment I started working with websites professionally, I knew that I had to find something better. I tried several (never GoDaddy though because they are a total joke) and ended up with a FastHosts reseller account.

    After about 18 months with them, I hit the limits of what could be done with their reseller account and I realized that I needed to either get a dedicated server or go the VPS route. I signed up for a VPS with Fasthosts and after a month of hair pulling, I had had enough.

    Fasthosts VPS basically gives you a bare setup and I had to install EVERYTHING. I used to be a server geek working in the old DEC PDP11/73 and Unix environments, but I decided really quick that if I was to make any money doing websites, internet marketing, and using WordPress, then I needed to NOT become a server geek again.

    I then contacted someone that I had gotten to know over a period of two or three years and moved everything over to WPMU Hosting on one of his VPS Systems. I call it a VPS on steroids because it uses a unique system that can dynamically allocate more resources to your websites if needed based upon unused resources allocated to other users. This has saved my bacon many times when a customer ran a promotion which caused a short term traffic spike.

    I explain a little of how this works in a recent post on WPMU.org – visit that post and see if that is any help.

    Finally, contact WPMU Hosting at their numbers that are convenient to you and discuss it personally. You will actually get to speak with Joe (the owner) – he’s @aecnu here on WPMUDev. If you’ve seen his support here at Dev, then you have seen just how he supports his server clients.

    Plus, he has a proprietary anti-cracker system called Dedicated Server Guard which has been instrumental in keeping crackers out on many occasions. I’ve seen HostGator, HostMonster, and even Network Solutions get cracked while this system has kept them at bay.

    I’m certain this is more information than you were originally intending to get, but as you can tell, I’m sold on the value of the hosting that I’m getting. Oh, and I pay no more than the “other guys” plus I get all those extras that you don’t get from them.

    Bottom line – MORE VALUE – LESS MONEY.

    O.K. That’s my 2 cents thrown in.

    James Dunn

    Athens, GA USA

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Between different jobs and clients, I’ve used alot of web hosts. Eleven2 was my worst experience. I used them at my job, but we switched to another provider because of constant issues. At one point there was some kind of security compromise and I had all these nice little PHP files from some hackers that gave a shell prompt, file manager and a bunch of other goodies… And the script was in ALL my resold accounts, and they made me fix it! They just said to keep my wordpress plugins up to date… Anyways, bad exprience, and alot of random downtime

    I’ve also used BlueHost. They’re ok. Haven’t had downtime, but their support isn’t the greatest. They’re online support is handled completely over email which slows things down alot and they take up to 24 hours to respond.

    I’ve also used Godaddy and didn’t like it at all. Too much propriety stuff, and I always feel like they’re trying to sell me something.

    Hostgator is one of my favorites. They respond quickly to support tickets and are have a pretty good price.

    But overall, I think Media temple is my favorite. I’ve been pretty happy with them. Not the easiest control panel to get used to if you’ve been using cpanel. But they are professional and get the job done. It also doesn’t feel like they are so big that your website doesn’t matter to them. I have had absolutely no downtime (that I noticed) using them.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Everyone,

    I am the best host of course :stuck_out_tongue: said without prejudice :stuck_out_tongue: and the host of several of the folks replying here and thank you gentlemen for your vote of confidence.

    Giving root access to a production server is total insanity though of course it was mentioned a test server.

    Giving Jailed root access is not a bad idea though I normally block all ssh access.

    24/7 Tech Support is not necessary when the servers are not having a problem and are setup right which I am sure the folks posting here that host with me and several members would agree – actually almost all the questions or support questions are Word Press related and nothing to do with hosting or the servers themselves.

    Thanks again guys, your confidence and comments are greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Joe

  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    Just wanted to throw my 0.02c in here – I am currently in the process of switching away from Bluehost, which is woefully inadequate for my single site + subdomain running BuddyPress.

    I contacted @aecnu after reading lots of positive comments here in the forums, and have signed on to his service. It’s well worth the money so far (and my website isn’t even switched over yet!) and I will be happy to pay him more in the future. It’s not going smoothly, of course these things never do, but I’ve gotten a LOT of handholding from Joe so far and I’m thrilled with it. Absolutely thrilled. Looking forward to better service AND faster load times.

    Reviews of hosting companies on the web are pretty much useless as far as I’m concerned – they’re all reviews by affiliates who earn money from recommendations. Better to believe reviews posted in a place like this, where people are paying to participate already :slight_smile:

    Thanks, Joe.

  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    I definitely don’t regret it. I am ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER.

    Joe worked with me, through the Easter holiday, no less. Late at night, early in the morning. I was talking to the man. Joe himself. He even tried to call me to help get things going. I am so unaccustomed to this type of customer service, it just blows me away that I didn’t switch sooner. Yes, the set up time he spent with me was worth it alone. I am happy to have great service, a great place to host my sites, and I’m also very happy to be paying my money to a smaller business and not some huge headless beast :slight_smile:

  • Tarei
    • Flash Drive

    Im going to throw Site5.com in the mix. Local Australian CDN (a little more expensive, but perfect for those downunder).

    Might not mean much to most users – but they have SSH with git + wp-cli installed and ready to go.

    I actually learned about wp-cli (and now use it daily) from it being included in Site5. Try it out!

  • Randy
    • Recruit

    Late to this party but hope to find someone still around. Lots has changed since the last post here. Let me introduce myself. I have been building websites since 2003 and WordPress since 2010. I have been a GoDaddy reseller for a couple years and like some of their products: domains, SSL certificates, VPS, etc.

    GoDaddy has had a bad reputation, but lately they have greatly improved everything. They bought Media Temple and installed new Managed WordPress SSD servers, etc. I am building a WP multisite and having second thoughts about building it on GoDaddy. I would like to use subdomains and they require subdirectories.

    I am wondering if other folks have current and relevant information about comparing GoDaddy and other hosting. Is there a specific recent (2015) reason to chose another hosting company? Who? Thanks.

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