Why am getting an "Image File Not Found" error?

I've gone through a few "Smush cycles" to process all the images on my site and am down to the last round-- currently the status bar says: 2565 of 2654 attachments have been sent for smushing." But when I try to send the final "Smush request" to process those last 90 file, I get an immediate "Image File Not Found" error. Why?

  • aristath

    Hello there @David, I hope you're well today!

    Perhaps it's an old image that is somehow corrupted or the file is missing from your server?
    If you go to the media library on WordPress and browse your images, you may actually see that there's one of them missing.... If a file is declared in the media library but does not exist on the server then this error may come up.
    If you find such a file, you can simply delete if from your media library. :slight_smile:


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