Why are all admins on my site getting client confirmation emails?

When I set confirmation emails to 'yes' the other site admin is getting the email instead of me. I am a site admin and have set it up with two dummy providers - one to designate each of my locations. The dummy providers are associated with me, not the other admin. The site just went live this morning, and I haven't advertised it yet. I am just discovering this as I am entering current future appointments.

  • Elizabeth

    Let me rethink this question...I don't think I gave an accurate description of what is happening.
    Here's what I (Liz) am doing:
    1- Entering appointments from either the front end or the admin side of the website I am currently entering my own email address in lieu of an actual client's address.
    2- Receiving confirmation emails from the other admin's email address (Polly). I thought she was receiving them and forwarding them to me, but upon further inspection there is no "FWD:" in the subject, so I think what is happening is that the confirmation emails are being sent from her email instead of from my email.

    This is even more of an issue, as if a client were to reply to the email, the reply would go to Polly instead of me (Liz).

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, that took care of the problem. However, under Appts+ accessibility settings, this now doesn't seem to be accurately describing what happens. When I read "Emails they are supposed to receive will be forwarded to the user you select here," I think that the dummy users' emails will be bypassed and the email win instead be sent to the email I have listed for Liz. Which isn't what really happens...

    But my problem has been resolved, so thank you for your quick response!

    "Assign dummy service providers to: Liz
    You can define "Dummy" service providers to enrich your service provider alternatives and variate your working schedules. They will behave exactly like ordinary users except the emails they are supposed to receive will be forwarded to the user you select here. Note: You cannot select another dummy user. It must be a user which is not set as dummy."

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