Why are my digital music downloaded files 0 bytes, and how do I fix it?


I have searched the site and found a few topics under this category, but, nothing that has helped my situation. I am a full access member and all the plugins I use are the full paid versions.

I have been setting up a new site and I have installed Marketpress Version This is the first time I have used this plugin. It is a music site and all the songs on the first album are free. There are only 10 plugins currently installed and activated on the website.

I have uploaded the mp3 files correctly to their proper product page, which lists the correct url of the file inside the product admin, and the process seems to work the way it is supposed to work, sending the purchaser of the free mp3 download a correct download link via email and also giving the purchaser the ability to download the file directly from the status link given after checkout; however, when clicking on any of the download options, the file is 0 bytes.

I do not require force login, just an email address. The files actually exist too, in their entirety. The mp3 files I uploaded can be played just fine by going to the Newest Downloads at the bottom of the site and clicking on the name of one of the mp3 files I uploaded, which takes you to its product page where I added the media to be played.

You can go to http://redeyeentertainmentgroup.com and download one of the free mp3 files to see for yourself they are 0 bytes as a download.

It will be at least 18 hours from now when I respond because I will be at work.