Why are my users able to alter the theme on my demo site?

I have a demo site at http://infodontics.co/simple. I had this set up exactly how I wanted it to look. I then noticed the other day it was not looking right. I realized that changes my users were making to their site via a custom theme were changing my demo site as well. This is frustrating as it has messed up my site's design (and this is the template for new sites). When I change them back in the demo site, it did not change on my users' sites.

So, why would they affect my theme, but me changing it back does not affect their site? I first thought it may be something having to do with sharing certain files...but why they would it not change for them when I changed it back?


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey Nate,

    Does your users / anyone else who might have changed your site, have access to the theme files on the server? If so he might have edited the theme directly? If they are able to change your template by changing their site, that is very strange, its not something New Blog Templates is intended to do.

    About the second half, New Blog Templates cannot change the templates of sites once the site is created. When a new site is created (and of course, a template is chosen), the template is copied to the new site and that is it. There is no more control over the template.

    I hope this makes sense. Let me know more details of the first half.

  • infodontics

    No, they do not have access to the theme files. They are able to edit the theme though through a tab in the admin section. The changes made though do not affect the main theme file. The changes they make show up in the code at the bottom of the html. When they make changes, their changes to the defaults are stored in the database and then added at the bottom of the code. The strange thing is that it did not change everything, just some of them. I'll add more as I notice things. Thoughts?

  • infodontics

    It is a custom theme we had made specifically for our project. I have not seen user's changes affecting other user sites, just the main template. I will perhaps need to address my question to the team that made us the theme. Maybe they have a better understanding of what may be happening. Anything you could share on how the plugin works and what aspects are used to duplicate the theme. Like I said, the edits to the theme do not change the css file itself, but rather save the changes in an array within the database. These changes are then turned into css at the bottom of the page. Therefore, the theme is not changed, but rather overwritten by the css placed at the bottom of the page. Hope this makes sense and gives you an idea of what could be done to understand it better.

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