Why are not all posts searchable?

I have set up posts, pages and some custom post types as default in Post Indexer.
But still, some of my pages and posts are not searchable, while others are. Why?
And btw. are draft posts searchable by Global Site Search?

  • PC

    Hey @birk

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Have you made sure that the post types not appearing in search are being indexed by post indexer ?

    It does not index all post types by default and you have to adjust that in the settings of Post indexer and once done, you will have to rebuild index.

    Can you please double check and ensure that they are getting indexed ?

    And btw. are draft posts searchable by Global Site Search?

    No, it works from the frontend and it does not show up draft posts as they are not published yet.

    I hope that helps.Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Cheers, PC

  • birk

    Hi PC, thank you for you answer and for caring.

    I have run the post indexer over again, but then only posts and pages from the main site are searchable.

    In post indexer I find that all the sites are indexed. I havent't checked that all the posts are indexed. Anyway, obviously, the search is not working like it should.

    I know it sure is not your fault, but:
    Honestly, it seems to me that this plugin is plain rubbish. I find it difficult to figure out why WPMUdev offers this plugin at all?
    There is no documentation on it, the results are presented in a table without any css ids or classes, there seems to be no way to control which results are produced.
    I wonder if it would be possible to get my money back?

  • PC

    Hey @birk

    Greetings and thanks for writing back.

    I understand what you are feeling right now. It will only search for posts from blogs with are public. Are the blogs you are trying to search for public ?

    Let me see if I can get our lead developer on this issue and get this resolved as soon as possible. Before that can you please send me your admin login details so that I can have a closer look on what is going on ?

    Use our contact form select I have a different question, Mark the email to my attention and include a link to this thread please.

    Cheers, PC